Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New 360-degree views on US website

There are several new 360-degree views available on the official US website.

The pod (old)
Humma Kavula's Temple
Vogon Poetry Appreciation Chamber
Vogon Hallway (adjacent to Vogon Poetry Appreciation Chamber)
Magrathean Showroom
Magrathean Employee room (adjacent to Magrathean Showroom)

Thanks to calebegg for alerting me to this update in the HHGTTGOnline.com forum.


There's a couple of new designs available in the HHGTTGOnline.com store. Products range from tee shirts to mugs to clocks to hats to teddy bears, and they've all got one of our fabulous designs on them.

Here's a couple of examples:

Tee shirts

Throw Pillows


Teddy Bears

And a special product... The "Time is an illusion" clock!

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Competitions for HHGTTG fans

HHGTTGOnline.com Forum (International)
First member to 100 posts gets a free copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (the single book), and first one to 500 posts gets a free copy of an omnibus edition (all five books in one, plus the short story "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe"). Contest rules are in the forum.

Other promotions (possibly movie tickets, etc.) are a distinct possibility if these early promotions go over well with the HHGTTG community. (In other words... the more people who get involved, the more likely I am to start handing out lots of free stuff.) HINT!

Veronica Magazine (Netherlands)
Call-in contest, with a prize of tickets to the opening in London. Note that the recent mention of this contest on DAC (with call-in numbers) refers to opening night as "the 20th", so either it's an early premiere or the information could be faulty. If you speak Dutch, by all means check it out and report back to us with a confirmation, etc.

UGC Cinemas (UK)
UGC Cinemas has announced a promotion featuring free scratchcards for anyone purchasing any large drink and a large popcorn. They go on to state that there are thousands of prizes, and that every scratchcard is a winner. Prizes include "premiere tickets, signed film posters and books, DVDs, t-shirts, and more." (The "and more" probably means free popcorn or something. After all, they can't very well give away expensive prizes to everyone, right?)

Three characters get their own blogs

Marvin, Arthur, and Zaphod have all been given their own (completely "in character") blogs, presumably by the folks in charge of marketing the movie. I'm not entirely sure whether or not they're "official" or just some overly eager fan with too much spare time, and there's not really much there (any of them) at this point, but either way I imagine that the blogs will begin to get updated more frequently as Opening Day approaches.

New Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy film reviews!

Nick Botti has posted a very positive (and basically spoiler-free) review of the movie on his site, H2G2movie.com, and Floor 42 also has a review with less actual information, and more of just a simple "Yay" theme.

TV commercials hit US airwaves

Well, it's about time. I finally saw my first Hitchhiker's TV commercial here in the US... last night on a rerun of The Simpsons, actually, which indicates that they bought a LOT of airtime if they're running it not only on new shows, but also on popular reruns. :)

The commercial was the one listed on the HHGTTGOnline.com Trailers page as "TV Commercial", though when I put it up, it had only been shown in the UK.

Here it is (in streaming Windows Media format) for any of you who haven't seen it yet:

Large Video

Small Video