Sunday, April 17, 2005

Planet Magrathea Closed!

In a shocking turn of events, MJ Simpson of has announced that PM will forever be closing it's doors. I have just spoken with him and confirmed that this is not a joke. Apparently, some of the kiddies on the imdb message boards (and other sites) were getting just a bit too rude and making unnecessarily personal attacks rather than debating the merits of his recent review, and Mike finally decided to call it quits rather than deal with them.

It is a sad day for Hitchhiker's fans. MJ Simpson may not have been personally loved by all, but PM was, without question, the best source for accurate HHGTTG-related news on the web. will do its best to preserve the information (with MJ's permission, of course) and take over as the best source of HHGTTG-related news in the world.