Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Once again, there's a ton of new articles/interviews

HHGTTGOnline.com offers free books to posters
Scotsman.com's article about free movie tix for robe-clad viewers
Liverpool Daily Post offering free tickets

About.com's interview with Sam Rockwell
LatinoReview's interview with Garth Jennings
Time Out's interview with Sam Rockwell
Friends and colleagues remember Douglas Adams (FilmForce/IGN)

TheChiefReport.com's review of the movie (A-)
Boston Herald's article on the movie
The Daily Targum's (slightly accurate) article on the movie
London Free Press' article on Sam Rockwell
Canada.com's article on Martin Freeman
BBC's article on Simon Jones
The Ottowa Citizen's article about the movie
NY Daily News article about the movie (reprint)
Manchester Online's article about the movie
BBC's article on the Hitchhiker exhibition (at London's Science Museum)
Screen Daily's article about the movie
The Village Voice's needlessly cerebral review of the movie (minor spoiler)
The Australian's article about the movie
ContactMusic.com's short article on Martin Freeman's "rock star" past (Cool trivia tidbit)
Cinematical's article on the British vs. American reactions to the upcoming movie
Co-Ed Magazine's review of the movie
Premiere.com's "Guide to Sam Rockwell"
Associated Press reviews the movie (2 stars out of 4)

Hitchhiker Radio Show Trailer Online

An audio-only trailer (it's for radio.. what did you expect?) has been released (in both .ram format and .mp3 format) for the new Quandry Phase radio adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Radio is, of course, where it all began 25 years ago.

You can also check out the BBC's behind-the-scenes photo gallery.

The Quandry Phase and The Quintessential Phase will air on British radio over the course of eight weeks, and will consist of the radio adaptations of the final two "official" books ("Young Zaphod Plays It Safe" doesn't really count) in the Hitchhiker's series, "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" and "Mostly Harmless".

BBC Radio 4

Tuesday, May 3, 2005 at 6:30 PM (London time), and repeated the following Thursday at 11:00 PM)