Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hitchhiker's box office numbers

Well, the numbers vary slightly from source to source, but one thing is clear.... The movie made a tremendous profit, and we haven't even started the DVD sales yet.

Here are the numbers (as of the end of weekend #3) from, who was kind enough to provide me with a custom HHGTTG Box Office feed from his site:

Domestic: $43,924,675

+Overseas: $22,795,000
=Worldwide: $66,719,675

-Production Budget: $45,000,000
=Profit: $21,719,675

Remember, the production budget for a movie is never exactly accurate, and you have to take into account additional things such as advertising, and whether a deal(s) were struck with any actor(s) to take a certain percentage of the Box Office gross instead of a larger fee up front, etc.

But the numbers say this... After only 3 weeks, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy has already cleared the 40% ROI (return on investment, a standard measuring stick in the business world) that the normal business world would look for from any normal venture. Basically, this means that unless Disney just decided that it doesn't like making money anymore, we can expect a sequel or two.

Exclusive pictures from the Science Museum HHGTTG Exhibition

Sometimes I just love my job. I just woke up and found this in my inbox:

Jake -

Since we announced that we were building the world’s first and only Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition we’ve had hundreds of emails from H2G2 fans and sci-fi enthusiasts alike asking for more information. So, breaking with tradition, we thought we’d pull back the covers early and show you how the exhibition is coming together and give you a sneak preview of some of the object’s we’ll be getting.

We worked with the film’s executive producer Robbie Stamp to take visitors on a journey through 10 different zones which tells the story of Arthur Dent, the destruction of the Planet Earth and the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. Having originally built a 3-D digital fly-through to map things out which you can see, the museum’s team of designers, fabricators, electricians and builders are now working at an intergalactic pace to turn these ideas into reality. All the main structures are in place, including Arthur’s house (in pre-demolition mode), the world of the Vogons, The Heart of Gold Spacecraft, Viltvodle Zone and Slartibartfast’s planet factory - complete with Earth, Mark II.

We’ll have around 200 props from the film on show and we’re delighted to announce that that we’ll also have The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy "book", as used in the film, on display. Vogon Calculators will be with us next week along with the Infinite Improbability Drive.

Deep Thought’s giant microphone is also on its way, and we have something special in mind for it: visitors will be able to ask Deep Thought their version of the ultimate question – they’ll have to wait to see if the ultimate answer is what they expect…!

The exhibition launches on Saturday May 28th, but please remind your web users that tickets are selling fast. To book tickets please call 0870 870 4868 with more details on

Please find attached a range of sneak preview shots, which I hope are of interest. More insider information this time next week!

Sweet! If I wasn't on the other side of the world, I'd be there in a second.