Monday, May 02, 2005

'Hitchhiker's Guide' gets great start... now what?

Now that Opening weekend is over, and the media frenzy is over, what now?

Obviously, Disney will be paying very close attention to the continued success of the movie to see whether or not a sequel(s) would be profitable. They're looking to see if the movie has staying power, or as it is called in Box Office lingo - "legs". While the mice may have been looking for the ultimate Answer, Disney is looking to their own answers, namely: Is the early success of The Hitchihker's Guide To The Galaxy the result of the geek/fan community all watching it six times during opening weekend, or is it actually going over well with the general public? Is it simply due to the fact that nobody wanted to see XXX2?

We, as fans, will continue to introduce our friends to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy via the movie, the TV show (now available to rent at my local Blockbuster... it's about time!), the radio show, and of course the books, which will, of course, result in increased sales of these products, and although Disney may not own the rights to the non-movie variations of the story, they will surely be watching to see how well they sell, because it has a direct effect on their decision about whether or not to make sequels... "Is the general public really getting into this whole Hitchhiker's thing?"

Will there be a sequel? Time will tell, but we as fans can help sway their decision by simply taking two friends to the movie, buying the DVD when it gets released (the rumor is that it will be released as early as September 2005, believe it or not), and things like that. Most importantly, of course, are the actual ticket sales. Take a friend. Wear a bathrobe. Do whatever it takes to increase the overall visibility of the movie. This is the best way we can convince Disney to make a sequel, because let's face it... they're a major corporation and when it comes right down to it, they're far less concerned with what the critics, the imdb trolls, or even the fans think than with how much money they make from ticket sales. After all, they don't make movies to be our friend. They make movies to make money.

That said, we're off to a good start. The early Box Office numbers are incredible, considering the fact that the summer hasn't even begun yet, despite Hollywood's insistence to the contrary. Had The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy produced these Box Office numbers as a July 1 release, I'd be concerned, but for the last week of April, they're wonderful.

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