Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today's daily dose of media coverage...

First... Headline from today's Financial Times:
Disney considers picking up more Hitchhikers


And in oddball, but related news:
Have lawn mower with "42" painted on the side, will travel...

On a side note... I had about 3 more links to go in today's update when my browser decided to act up. Blogger and IE isn't always a friendly combination. Grrrr... So, that's why everything is being published so late today. Blame Blogger. :/

Note that some of these may be the same articles as from recent days... A lot of the media sites share stories after they've run them as exclusives for a day, etc.

Interviews:'s interview with Sam Rockwell's interview with Zooey Deschanel
Seattle Times' interview with Martin Freeman
The Ottowa Sun's interview with Sam Rockwell

BBC's article on "42 minutes before midnight" showing
MSNBC's long article on the movie's article about the movie
Long Island Press' review of the movie's review of the movie (didn't like it)'s article about the movie
AP article about the movie
The Ottowa Citizen's article about the movie
BBC praises "imperfect effects"
This is Local London's article on Hitchhiker exhibit at Science Museum's article on Adams and the movie
Islington Gazette's review of the movie (4 stars out of 5)'s short review of the movie's article about the movie reviews the movie (Not owned by Disney)
Daytona Beach News Journal's article about the movie


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