Sunday, April 24, 2005

New articles abound lately...

There's a bunch of new articles for you today, boys and girls... :)

BBC article on Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith

Dark Horizon's article on Martin Freeman

The New Zealand Herald gives a backhanded compliment to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy with this comment: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has had mixed reviews, but considering the other movies starting on Thursday, it's the pick of the bunch." Not exactly high praise, but it's better than a bad review, I suppose. ;)

Canoe (a Canadian site) has an article/interview with Zooey Deschanel in which Zooey states that Trillian is half-alien. Make of this what you will. I'm sure there will be a huge fight on imdb about it later tonight. has an article on the movie with various interview-style quotes from various cast and crew members. has this article that basically just mentions the movie and the fear that some fans have about whether or not it will be what they expected, etc. and then goes on to other topics of strictly local interest. I only mention it because it happens to cover news from my neck of the woods. has a short article on Bill Nighy, in which they quote Bill as saying, "
Now, I'm travelling through time and space at Pinewood Studios in a wig and a skirt, I think, This is an honourable way to carry on."

The Edmonton Sun has an article about the movie (which includes spoilers but only to those unfamiliar with the story... it's OK for fans to read... you won't ruin the movie for yourself) also has this short article on Martin Freeman.

The Chicago Sun-Times has an interview with Martin Freeman. When asked if it was important whether the movie was a hit in the US, he casually mentioned the fact that in a few days he'd "either be a pr--- or a hero to fans of the work." Martin's funny. :)

The LA Times has an article entitled "How 'Hitchihker's' got picked up".

The Orlando Sentinel has two articles... The first is entitled "Thumbing through the Galaxy" and the second is entitled "Lost? Don't Panic -- Here's your guide". They also feature a photo of local fans with a wonderfully named boat. has an article about the success of Mos Def.

I know there's a lot to absorb between today and yesterday, but DON'T PANIC! I'll stay right on top of things as long as you remember to visit (and bookmark!!!) (aka ""), the definitive source for up to date news about HHGTTG.


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