Monday, April 25, 2005

Buena Vista to possibly release HHGTTG on UMD

According to this article, Buena Vista is planning to possibly release The Hitchhiker's Guide TO The Galaxy on UMD, Sony's new proprietary "Universal Media Disc" format introduced for the handhelp PSP.

BVHE executive director new business development Dan Silverberg was quoted as saying, "These make sense for what the user base is now. We're cognizant of who it is that buys that first million PSPs, and a lot of it is down to lifestyle. We think at this point, it is 18-34 males, people who spend a lot of their income on entertainment."

Other upcoming releases for the new UMD media format include:

King Arthur (The Director's Cut)
Kill Bill-Vol. 2
Gone in 60 Seconds (Unrated Director's Cut)
From Dusk Till Dawn


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